Roads to Ruins

Roads to Ruins is the creation of Brian Payton, Kelly Jo Jackson and Russ Gay.  They wanted to produce an intelligent, entertaining and honest show about traveling to archaeological sites around the world.  The first project covers the rise and fall of the Maya civilization. They drove a Suburban from Montana to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize on a 10,000 mile road trip filming at ten famous Maya archaeological sites. The show is equal parts travel, adventure, history and archaeology, and includes experiences of the crew as they film the show.

Roads to Ruins is currently in the post production phase.  Their team is diligently working on creating a teazer reel in order to pitch their archeological travel show idea to producers, or networks like the Travel Channel and NatGeo.  Soon, they hope to create a Roads to Ruins travel series featuring trips around the U.S. and abroad.  First things first, they need the right backers to make it happen.